About Christine Jaksch

The artist Christine jaksch concerns herself with the development of the individuum in multiple ways. The fields of conflict of the respective phases of development and their effect on people as well as its social context are a fascinating field of movement for her. A theme that poses an excellent impulsion for her and therefor stands in the center of her creation. Formed by thoughts, imaginations and personal views of the individual in consideration of external influences she presents contents in her own artistic expressional language. The internal dialogue, handled from an ego perspective, is her primary focus. Abstraction and transparency each of her paintings reveals the emotional tensions, the rising emotions and the often illusionary borderlines in an extraordinary portrayal. Here, the abstract expressive work deliberately deprives the superficial meaning. With her paintings, the artist wants to give suggestions and challenge topics judgmental. Various techniques and intensive study make connections transparent and show current processes through a vast color interplay of multilayer structures. Christine Jaksch uses the hereby typically cracked and torn shapes to demonstrate the time span of change and conversion of old and new structures and to integrate its worth as well as its natural maturation.

Christine Jaksch born in Rosenheim, Germany. The artist Christine Jaksch found her passion for painting in her early childhood. Her talent and interest in expressive colors and shapes earlier on paved the way for her artistic career. With time, she focused more on abstract painting. By using numerous different materials and techniques she developed her characteristic style in the art of abstract acryl painting. The artist is known for her expressive color combinations and her intensity. The creation of the artist abstracts itself from any superficial display on purpose and gives the observer encouragment for his own interpretation.

In recent years, Jaksch has now drawn attention to her talent through international art fairs and expressions with her abstract, expressive style. Among the women in art, Christine Jaksch is now one of the most recognized artists of contemporary art. Her works primarily document changes and reflect on different development processes. With her distinct technique of application and abstraction through which she creates the typical broken figures and cracked structures, the artistic character is now also evident in her latest art Project.